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[sticky post] Powerful/Strong Hermione Fics

For all of us who are fans of, as pstibbons has named it, the Grangerverse, this is a list of fics where a shamelessly kickass Hermione takes center stage. Magically, politically, intellectually (that's a given) or just personality-wise, in these stories, Hermione is in some way powerful.

I'll gladly take recommendations, but I won't include anything that is poorly written. ("Poorly written" is left to my discretion; if you'd like to create a list with fics I don't include, go for it.)

**Updated April 14, 2015.

List under the cut.Collapse )

"I ha' woot canaw."

The high-pitched whine of a dentist's drill must be one of the most horrifying sounds in the universe.

Like CJ said up there, I had a root canal today. It wasn't so bad, except for the knowledge that the dentist was drilling into my freaking tooth. *shudders* I spent the entire time quoting "Celestial Navigation" to myself. And running "Carry On" through my head. Though I blame the latter for the dentist office's Pandora channel--it was playing just before I was called in.

"Seriously. They're laughing pretty hard."

Today, I pulled a Jed Bartlet. I did not do this by pulling random trivia out of the air, nor did I do this by being way more awesome than you.

Finish the sentence: "The President, while riding a bicycle on vacation in Jackson Hole..."

Yeah. (For those of you who aren't TWW fans, read the icon.) Hey, it's not my fault the sidewalks around here are so tiny! That tree came out of nowhere!

Stop laughing at me!
You know when something reminds you of something else, but you can't quite place it? Well, I bought a CD of classical music from the Salvation Army last week, and Schubert's Ave Maria was on it. It took me two days to remember what TV show I'd heard it on, and I just remembered today what episode it was. "The Crackpots and These Women", The West Wing.

I thought I was going out of my mind when I kept associating Josh Lyman with Schubert.

The West Wing

"There is literally no one alive that I do not hate right now."

--Toby Ziegler, The West Wing, "Five Votes Down"


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