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Attila's cupcakes are sublime...

...And Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns!

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like a psychotic rainbow
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I am a fangirl. For many, many fandoms. I started out in JAG fandom (I know--what was I thinking?), and branched out from there. I won't list them here--you can either check out my interests or ask me.

I am a fan of strong female characters and unconventional 'ships. (I rarely, if ever, support canon 'ships.) I read a whole bunch of fanfic, and I've written some, too.

I'm a college grad (majored in computer science), and am currently job-hunting. (That's not going too well.)

I am a maintainer of tds_quotes and cr_quotes, for all your Daily Show and Colbert Report quoting needs, and at jack_built, a Stargate 'verse AU comm.

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