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JAG: Take it Like a Man (OAD: 2/27/04)

Screech: My poor, poor Mac. They absolutely butchered her characterization. I know she was suffering from PTSD, but... I was so disappointed in how the writers twisted her character. However, CB did a great job with the material she was given.

Screech #2: Harm/Mac shippers are wetting themselves right now. Even if Harm and Mac are still speaking in code. Damn it, can't they just fucking TALK? Is it so difficult to sit down and talk, instead of using a case to communicate? I mean, Mac did it with Clay. Which brings me to...

Major SQUEE!: Mac's at Clay's apartment.
Mac: "He was down when I shot him."
Clay: "And armed."
M: "No. That report was Agency charity. He was winged in the shoulder--he couldn't fire at me."
C: "Now, you can never know that for sure--"
M: "Oh, I know what I did. I didn't shoot him because I thought he was gonna shoot me--I killed him because I was angry for what he--because he hurt someone I love."
C: "...I love you, too."

The Webb/Mac shippers, unlike the Harm/Mac shippers, are orgasming right now. They got more then the H/M shippers will ever get--a declaration!

Oh, and unrelated: have you ever tried to hold three conversations at once? Even over IM? *frazzled*
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