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NCIS: Enigma (OAD: 2/24/04)

So... Gibbs Rule Number 12: Never date a co-worker. I'm amazed that's not number one.

A man died in Gibbs' arms in Desert Storm.

Since I'm not really thinking coherently right now, here's the exchange that I thought best described Gibbs:

Kate: "He's right. We have to do something."
Tony: "Like what? Gibbs obviously trust us enough to tell us what's going on."
Ducky: "You don't honestly believe that, do you? Don't you see? Gibbs is doing his very best to protect you."
T: "From what?"
D: "From being accessories yourselves. He's willing to risk his own life and reputation for a friend... but he's not going to risk yours." THAT sounds like our Gibbs.
K: "So what do we do, Ducky?"
D: "You let him know that he's not alone in his convictions."

*sigh* That was the best episode yet. Wow. Simply... wow.
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