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JAG Rant: Persian Gulf (OAD: 2/20/04)

Wow. Simply... WOW. Gotta give props to Catherine Bell--she did such a great acting job in this episode. I nearly started bawling at the end. Mac said to the CIA director that she was sorry for killing Sadik because they could've gotten more information out of him. He replied that Sadik could have killed her. I like that director.

But the camera closed on Mac standing in front of a mirror. Her face was cut, and her shirt torn. Her eyes shimmered with tears as she said, "I'm not sorry." But you could tell that she couldn't even convince herself of that.

This was such a great Mac episode. She showed both her strength and her vulnerability. Sadik Fahd, though he was an evil, evil person, knew more about Mac than most men in her life--even if he did mistakenly believe Mac would accept the hijab and a life of subordination.

He said one thing about Mac that rang oh-so-true:

"You are with men who are weak, but their weakness is not your weakness. In you there is strength, and a wisdom that even you do not recognize."

I want a Mac icon with that last sentence. It's just so... her.

And though they've already used the stalking storyline (season three, Detective Coster), I think that they did a wonderful job adapting it for this. Sadik got under Mac's skin--you could see it. He knew her almost better than she knows herself. She's not going to be able to get past this easily. I can't wait until next week's episode.

I am so glad they've finally allowed Mac to be a strong woman--one who doesn't need a man (namely, Harm) to rescue her whenever she gets into trouble.

Oh, and stop drooling, cakemage. ;-)
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