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NCIS: Good Samaritan (OAD: 2/17/04)

Tony/Kate and Gibbs/Abby shippers are wetting themselves right now. But I am still stubbornly Gibbs/Kate. Denial? What denial?

At the beginning of the episode, Kate is on the phone (where we learn she has a sister) trying to convince someone--medical carrier, I think--that she doesn't need an emergency contact. Tony's trying to get Kate's attention. When she hangs up, he tells her that he'll be her emergency contact.

Now, for the Gibbs/Abby interaction--Gibbs and Abby have an exchange where they're each trying to convince the other that they know more than they know. Abby says, "We should play poker sometime." Gibbs replies, "Yeah, we should." Later, Gibbs says, "You're particularly feisty today," and Abby replies, "Thanks for noticing." And later in the episode, Abby yells at Gibbs for sneaking up on her.

I particularly liked the sheriff in this episode. Charlie (who is a woman), aggressively persues Gibbs through the entire episode. And I do mean aggressively.

Oh, and I think Kate's getting sick of being stuck with the grunt work, as shown by this exchange with Gibbs:

"Can I ask you a question, Gibbs?"
"Is this one of those questions where it's not gonna matter if I say no?"
"I was just wondering if there was any rhyme or reason behind how you divided assignments."
"Yeah." He walks away and laughs.

When Abby said the DNA from the wife and the crime scene matched, I called twin sister--and I was right. They worked together to kill all of those people.

At the end of the episode...

"Twins. The holy grail of dating." Tony, of course.
"Where do you come up with this stuff?"
"Although twins that kill--not good."

And then Kate says, "I would never kill for my sister."
"Yeah--you barely return her calls."

Damn. Well, let's see... which of my fics are now AU? Um... at least "Christmas Spirit" and "Interrogation". I've no desire to go back and check right now. I need to work on "Curiosity".
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