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FF: Curiosity, Part 5

Title: Curiosity (5/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: PG-13
Category: Drama, Romance, JAG/NCIS Crossover

Spoilers: "One Shot, One Kill" (NCIS), "Crash" (JAG)

Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No infringement is intended.

Author's Note: I still haven't seen "One Shot, One Kill", but I've assumed some facts from others' discussions. If I'm wrong about anything, let me know.

Chapter 5: The Investigation

"You know, I never did like playing tag as a kid. Hey, AJ. It's Kate. Friday at our usual place is fine with me. I'll talk to you later."

Kate was about ready to throw something. Their investigation was going incredibly slowly, and she and AJ hadn't spoken directly for a week.

When had she begun to anticipate her times with AJ with so much... excitement? It wasn't like they were anything special--just two people talking in a bar. In fact, she did most of the talking.

Perhaps it was because it wasn't anything special. She had never been one for flashy displays of affection.


Kate shook her head. She couldn't think about that right now--she had a job to do. She stuck her cell phone back in her bag and turned to her colleagues. "...and he's bound to strike again sometime in the next couple of days."

"Well, we need to stop him."

'Thank you, Dinozzo, for stating the obvious.' Kate sighed. "I guess I know what this means."

"Oh?" This from Gibbs. "What does it mean, Kate?"

She gave him a weary look. "I get to play dress-up. Again."

"It doesn't have to be you, Kate," Gibbs said.

"I highly doubt our guy is going to go after you," Kate said dryly. "I fit the profile--mid-thirties, career woman, slender, dark hair and eyes. Get me a uniform."

"Uh, maybe we should think about this," Tony interjected.

Kate rubbed her forehead. "What's there to think about? Other than how you two are going to keep that bastard from killing me. This is the best way to flush him out. If you guys have any other suggestions on how to stop him, I'm all ears." Silence. She stood and headed for the bathroom.

"Kate?" She turned. Tony looked at her earnestly. "You know we've got your back on this, right?"

She tried to smile. "Yeah." Her eyes flickered toward Gibbs. He was already on the telephone. "I know."


Kate adjusted her sleeves nervously. She touched her hair, which was pinned up in braids. She bit her lip. Was this a good idea?

"You know, Kate, you can still change your mind," Gibbs said quietly.

Kate turned around and looked at him. He looked... worried? No--that wasn't Gibbs' style. Kate swallowed. "Not after seeing what he did to those women. He needs to be stopped."

"You wearing the Kevlar?"

She nodded. "I don't take unnecessary risks with my life," she said, giving Gibbs a meaningful look. He raised an eyebrow, but didn't reply.

"Okay, Kate. Wire's on?" Tony asked.

"Yeah." Kate's mouth suddenly went dry. Showtime.
Tags: crossovers, fic: jag, fic: ncis

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