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NCIS Rant: My Other Left Foot (OAD: 2/3/04)

Okay, first--what the hell?! Why did they have to show a freaking rerun of Survivor All-Stars at eight o'clock? I got back from chorale and ended up missing the first few minutes of NCIS because I set the VCR timer for eight, not nine. *sigh* I'll have to tape it again when they show the rerun.

Anyway onto the rant. It'll be more like a mini-rant from now on.

First--Tony asked Kate about a big date she had the night before. The date cancelled on her--he had surgery. "That's a good one," Tony says. Kate glares at him and says, "He had to perform it."

Someone found the leg of a Marine in a dumpster.

"How can you tell from a leg?" Tony asks. It has a tattoo that says 'Semper Fi' on it. This is going to be a running theme in this ep.

Tony and Kate are talking while inspecting the leg. Tony says, "I don't get the whole tattoo thing." Kate snarks, "I'll add that to the list of things you doing get."

Kate has a tattoo! Tony asks where it is, and she says, "Nowhere you'll ever see." Later, he keeps asking her what it is. First, he thinks it's a butterfly, then a rose.

Kate likes small towns for the same reasons Tony hates them. Tony says something
about women with all their teeth.

"It always comes back to that."
"See, Kate? You do get me."

Tony flirts with the nurse at the doctor's office--Kate rolls her eyes. "Why don't you just give her a breast exam?" Tony replies, "In due time."

Blah, blah, blah, questioning doctor. Getting back into the car. Tony says he can't imagine Kate getting a tattoo.

"I was drunk."
"I can't imagine you drunk, either."

Apparently, Kate's tattoo is a rose on her butt. And Abby knows where it is! *grin* Now I'm gonna have to write an Abby/Kate fic where Abby finds out about Kate's tattoo.

Aaargh! Gibbs is so flirting with that redhead! And Kate is not happy about it.

Woman--Melissa--has a tattoo. Apparently, Gibbs knows Chinese. At least enough to identify what the characters mean on Melissa's arm.

Gibbs and Kate leave the house.

"You weren't buying any of that, were you?"
"Any of what?"
"Any of her... charm?"
"Is it that hard to believe, Kate, that I might be attracted to a woman?"

Tony's talking about a six-letter word for a reason to commit a crime. Kate knows what he means--you can just tell by the look on her face. She replies, "Murder." Tony asks Gibbs as he walks by. Gibbs says in exasperation, "Dinozzo..."

"That's seven letters."
"Works for me."

Tony and Kate in the car. Kate's trying to pump Tony about information on Gibbs' preference in women. All of Gibbs' wives were redheads--Kate does not like that.

Holy crap! I did not expect that twist! The doctor Tony and Kate visited was the one who killed both PFC Dorn and CPL Morgan! She looks like the sweetest old lady you'd ever know, but she is one cold bitch.

At headquarters, Kate and Tony are standing in front of a map that's pinpointing where the other parts of Dorn's body were found. Abby comes up to them and asks "Did you find Hooterville?" She then starts talking about Petticoat Junction. I think she's been spending too much time with Ducky. However, she spots Gibbs and starts talking some scientific gibberish. Kate plays along, but Tony is utterly lost. He finally realizes what's going on when Gibbs sits down.

G: "We get Humpty Dumpty back together?"
K: "Most of him."
T: "Melon and left leg are still outstanding."
G: "Any more tattoos?"
T: "Just the rose on Kate's butt."
G: "It's not a rose." Tony looks at Kate, who gets all flustered.
K: "He doesn't know. He's lying, just like he did about the digitalis!" She turns to Gibbs. "Okay, tell them." Gibbs just smirks.

Next week: Gibbs goes undercover as a Marine recruiter in order to stop a sniper who's targeting Marine recruiters. According to, Kate is, as well. Whee!
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