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I didn't realize exactly how much work redoing my website would be. The more fool I.

Let's see... I need to:

1) Create a separate page for each fandom: JAG, Navy NCIS, Harry Potter, Law & Order: SVU.

2) Separate each page into romantic pairings:
a) JAG: AJ/Mac, Webb/Mac, Mac/Jen, Bud/Harriet, Harm/Mac, Mac/Meredith, gen.
b) NCIS: Gibbs/Kate, Tony/Kate, Gibbs/Tony, gen.
c) Harry Potter: Severus/Hermione, gen.
d) L&O: SVU: Olivia/Alex.

3) Search for any stray fics that I may have written.

4) Request authors' permission to archive favorite stories.

5) Create pages for new stories.

6) Look for someone with more artistic ability than myself to help with the background.

7) Completely overhaul the index pages. Necessary links: JAG fanfic, NCIS fanfic, Harry Potter fanfic, L&O fanfic, ajmacfic links page, favorite JAGfic, HPfic, NCISfic, etc.

What the hell have I gotten myself into?
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