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And now for a series of complete non sequiturs...

Is it just me, or is something screwy going on with LiveJournal today?


I want to completely overhaul my website. Anyone out there any good with Photoshop? I want to have different backgrounds for different sections on my site (My Fanfiction, Other Fanfiction, etc.).


I have to read Jane Eyre by tomorrow and write a two-page reaction paper for Wednesday. I'm only on page 120. Joy.


I've been bit by a Tony/Kate plotbunny. Damn it, I swore that I would never write a serious T/K fic. *sigh*


New NCIS tomorrow night! W00t!


Quiz on Genesis tomorrow. Bah.


Chorale rehearsal tomorrow! Yay!


Quiz in American Politics Wednesday. Yuck.


I should probably stop now.
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