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Well, at least I have a chance to use my "Het..." icon...

Apparently, all het writers are misogynistic pigs.

No. Just... no.

I truly hate it when people make blanket statements about one group or another. If I said something like that about slash writers, I would be condemned as homophobic. But people are free to bash het because it's the majority. (Actually, I don't know the slash-to-het ratio for fanfiction or fanfic writers--anybody wanna clear that up for me?)

Let me just say this: if you wanna write slash, that's fine with me. If it's well-written (and in my fandom), I may even read it. But don't call me a "victim and perpetrator of the patriarchal misogynistic society" just because I happen to enjoy reading (and writing!) heterosexual romance. Mmmkay?

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