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Fic reading day!

Ah... don't you just love those days where you can just sit back in front of your monitor and read fanfic? *grin* Here are some of the highlights...

Harry Potter
Grasping at Normality, Chapter 13 by Kaz814. I've been following this fic for a while, and I was so excited when she updated. I usually prefer fics that are mainly romance, but the author writes so well, I couldn't help but keep reading.

A Night on the Tiles, Chapter 3 by Merrymoll. Dude. It's a fic about Vetinari. Of course I'm going to read it.

The Strength Within, Chapter 1 by Alamo Girl. Just had to squee about another new author for my fandom. Yes, my fandom.

(Not only this, but I betaed the first chapter of a very promising fic this morning. I'm really hoping the author decides to continue with it, 'cause I don't want to wait to see what happens.)

Law & Order: CI
Lawn & Hors d'oeurves, Chapter 2 by Skye Firebane. A well-written L&O: CI casefile? Shock!

Rubies Are Forever by Ava. If I could write half as well as Ava, I would... Well, I'll never write that well, so I suppose it doesn't matter. *sigh*
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