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AAAARRRRGH!!! As most of you know, if there is one thing I just canNOT stand, it's butchered characterization of strong female characters. In the linked fic, ADA Alex Cabot (L&O: SVU) and ADA Serena Southerlyn (L&O) behave like two teenaged girls. They are PROFESSIONALS, damn it! And they're not man-haters, either!

Author’s note: The idea of pairing Alex Cabot and Serena Southerlyn together has stuck in my head for so long that I felt that if no one else was going to act on it, I would. And I might be the first one to write this couple, I don’t know. But I like the idea and if you don’t, screw you. This takes place early on in SVU season four and LAO season 13. In other words, Alex has bangs and Serena’s hair touches her shoulders. And keep in mind of one more thing… this is by first attempt at a homo fic. If it sucks…keep that thought in mind.

*rolls eyes* Yeah. It's called a beta reader, honey. Or at the very least, watch the damn shows! And "homo fic"? I don't know about anyone else, but for some reason, that touched a nerve. Try "femmeslash". Or "saffic". Oh, and telling your readers "screw you" is a great way to get them to read your fic. Yep. Also, the Alex and Serena I've seen would never say something like:

“Oh, wow, they look great!” Serena wiggled her toes. “You have great taste in polish.”

“Oh, thanks.” Alex grinned. “But since we’re about the same shade, what works for me will work for you.”

“I’ve never met anyone I could do that with.” Serena said. “And my God, you look so cute with when your hair is flowing over your shoulders like that.”

How old are they? Sixteen? No offense to the actual sixteen-year-olds I know, of course. That excerpt right there is the epitome of "ditzy blonde".

“They’re that way because they’re men secure in their positions.” Serena replied, composing herself after Alex’s snappy comment. “They don’t respect us. They think that we’re worthless bitches and when they do notice us; it’s to harass us or make us look incompetent. And as for Branch, well, up his.”

Serena. Would. Never. Say. Something. Like. This. Serena may not always agree with Branch, but she ALWAYS respects him.

My God. I thought that I would like this pairing. I've never seen a Serena/Alex fic, and was curious to how the author would make it work. *snort* She didn't. This fic was horrendous, to say the least. But that's only my opinion--I could be wrong.

*takes deep breath* Okay. I'm done now.
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