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like a psychotic rainbow

First, let me just say--if ajmacfic's fan base was about ten years younger, the board would've exploded with wank today. As it is, we've already had a "You should've put a warning!"* post, a "Look, I'm sorry, get over it" post, and a "I was going to leave the group, but I decided not to"** post. *sigh* It happens to the best of groups, I suppose. It was only a matter of time.


I love The Daily Show.

Goddamn it. For some reason, I have the urge to write Stephen Colbert/Jon Stewart RPS. Aaaaagh! *runs away*

* The fic in question involved bestiality. It was labeled with a warning, but it wasn't specific enough. (Hey, I'm all for the First Amendment. Just put specific labels on your stories. Some things squick even me.)

** The ajmacfic group had a poll up on whether or not to allow slash pairings in stories. The final decision was that allusions could be made to m/m or f/f couples, but no explicit slash would be allowed.
Tags: jag, notes to stupid people, the daily show

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