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JAGfic Rec: In a Garden

Fandom: JAG

Title: In a Garden

Author: LizD

Rating: PG-13

Category: Drama, Romance

Pairing: Harm/Mac (shock!)

Summary: It ended as it began; in a garden, with a handshake.


Story Status: Complete as of 5/14/04.

Shannon's Thoughts: You all know that I do not like Harm/Mac fic. I find most of it sappy, mushy, melodramatic slush--not to mention the horrible characterization. However, "In a Garden" is an amazing portrayal of the relationship. The summary was what intrigued me at first. A shipper was having them say goodbye? I just had to read it--and I'm glad I did. This is one of the best characterizations of both Harm and Mac by a H/M shipper that I've ever read. She's not rushing the romance, either--both have their own lives, their own families, before meeting again. Even if you're a rabid anti-shipper like I am, you should read this fic.

Final judgment: 9/10.
Tags: fanfic, jag
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