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FF: The Road to Hell (1/2)

Title: The Road to Hell (1/2)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: NC-17
Category: Angst, PWP

Fandom: JAG
Spoilers: Through "Good Intentions"

Disclaimer: These characters belong to DPB, CBS, Paramount, et al. No infringement is intended.

Author's Notes: This fic will include slight D/s elements. Also, AJ is not a nice man in this. If you do not like that, run far, far away. Part two should be up by tomorrow.

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Saturday, 14 February 2004
2100 EST
JAG Headquarters
Falls Church, Virginia

Sarah MacKenzie sighed as she climbed out of her Corvette. She nodded to the guard as she hurried into the large brick building. She shook her umbrella out, thankful she had remembered to throw it in the car before she left for the restaurant. It was really coming down outside.

Mac rode the elevator up to the JAG Ops floor. She couldn't believe Webb had stood her up again. Okay, so she realized that his job was important. She understood that. But her feminine side couldn't help but feel slighted that she could be so easily ignored. At least he had had his secretary call her before she had arrived at the restaurant.

Since she had nothing better to do tonight, she had decided to stop by work and pick up a few files to work on over the weekend. No point letting all that free time go to waste, after all.

She stepped off the elevator and started toward her office. She noticed a sliver of light coming from under the Admiral's door. She frowned. What was he doing here? Her frown grew as she recalled that he didn't have anyone to go home to anymore. Impulsively, she changed direction, heading for the Admiral's office.

Mac knocked softly, unsure of what she was going to say. When no one answered, she knocked again. "Admiral?" She pushed the door open a crack and peered inside. "Admiral? Are you here, sir?"

"What are you doing here, Colonel?" a familiar deep voice said behind her. She resisted the urge to jump in shock. She turned.

"I was getting a couple of files from my office when I saw your light on," she said. AJ pushed the door open and gestured for her to precede him inside. She did so, and he followed her, closing the door behind him firmly.

"You don't exactly look dressed for the office, Mac," he said, not smiling.

Mac looked down at her long-sleeved black dress. "I had a..." She had a what, exactly? It wasn't quite a date, but it wasn't platonic, either. "A date," she finally said.

AJ raised an eyebrow. "Webb stand you up again?" he asked.

She smiled wryly. "Yes, sir." She peered at AJ. His face was cast in shadow; his gaze inscrutable. She took a deep breath. "Sir... Meredith told me what happened."

"Not your business, Colonel," he said tersely.

Mac swallowed. "I know, sir, but Meredith's my friend, and she needed someone to talk to. I couldn't turn her away." She bit her lip and continued, "Admiral, Meredith loves you. She regrets what she did so much."

"As well she should," AJ said bitterly.

Mac blinked. "Admiral, if you would only talk to her--"

"Talk to her? You want me to talk to her?" AJ snarled. "Colonel, you have no idea what you're talking about. And I would appreciate it if you would take care of your own business and let me mind my own."

"Believe me, sir, I do know what I'm talking about," Mac replied before she could think about it. "And you made it my business when you lashed out at your staff for reasons beyond their control. I am your Chief of Staff, Admiral; it is my duty to listen to their concerns and address them accordingly."

"Tell me, Colonel MacKenzie," AJ growled, "have you ever walked in on your fiancé in bed with another woman? Oh, no, of course not," he continued. "You were the one to betray your husband, weren't you? How many times did you do it, Mac? One? Ten? Twenty? Can you even count the number of times you were with another man while you were still married?"

Mac paled and struggled to keep her face composed. "Now you're the one with no idea what you're talking about," she said, trying to keep the pain out of her voice.

AJ laughed, a mean, bitter laugh. "Really? John Farrow. Dalton Lowne. Ring any bells? Christopher Ragle. Your late husband." He advanced on Mac slowly. She backed away. "The one you killed, remember? How did he feel when he discovered you had been with Farrow and Lowne? Is that why you killed him? So he wouldn't find out about any other lovers?"

Mac felt her back hit the door and quickly searched for a way to escape. She fought back tears. She had never heard her commanding officer be so deliberately cruel. "You know how he was killed. I never meant to shoot him. It was an accident." She was proud when her voice wavered only once.

"An accident, hmm? That's what Meredith said the good Profesore Selvaggio was. An accident. How does a woman sleep with another man and call it an accident?" He leaned toward her and placed his palms on the door, effectively trapping her.

"Alcohol makes a person do things they wouldn't consider otherwise, Admiral," Mac said quietly, looking into his hot, angry eyes.

"Why was she alone with him in the first place?" AJ said in a low voice. "She was engaged to me, damn it. I loved her, and she betrayed me." Mac had no response.

"Admiral..." she started. She licked her lips. His proximity was doing strange things to her. She could feel her pulse jump.

"Are you afraid of me, Colonel?" he smiled. It was not a nice smile.

Her breath quickened as he took another step toward her, pinning her to the door. "A... a bit, sir," she admitted. Right now? She was terrified. And strangely, impossibly aroused.

"Good. You should be. I'm not a very nice man." He trailed a finger down her neck, resting it at the pulse in her throat.

"I would have to disagree, Admiral. You've always been a kind man," Mac replied, fighting the urge to arch into his touch.

He laughed low in his throat. "You don't know me, Colonel. Not at all." His eyes shone with a dangerous light. He stepped back, releasing her. "Run, Sarah," he said. The way he said her given name made her shiver. "Run while you can. And forget about this."

Mac swallowed. Fighting every instinct in her that said to flee, she shook her head. He raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? You have no idea what I'm capable of, Colonel."

"I trust you," she said. Pain flashed over his face before the mask of anger returned.

"Get out," he whispered dangerously.

She reached down with her left hand. The click of the lock sounded like a gunshot to her ears.
Tags: fic: jag
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