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Writing Meme

Stolen from leogryffin.

1) What's your pen name?: Raindrops on Roses

2) Why did you choose that name?: Because I had "My Favorite Things" stuck in my head when I was choosing.

3) What's your real name?: Shannon

4) What's your favourite fanfiction and why?: AJ/Mac JAG fanfic will always be my favorite. Unlike the teenybopper-infested Harm/Mac fic circles, most AJ/Mac fic is mature and well-written.

5) What's your favourite genre and why?: Romance, because I am a complete and utter sap.

6) How long have you been writing?: Since October 2002. Wow... it's been that long?

7) Why did you start?: I had been following JAG fanfic for four months prior to that. So much of it was... not so good, and I thought I could do better. I picked up a book of Shakepearean sonnets at the library, thus receiving the inspiration for "Sonnets of Life", my very first fanfiction.

8) Have people ever mailed you because of your writing?: Yes, and I was utterly shocked the first time it happened.

9) Have you ever been flamed? A couple of times, but pretty minor.

10) If you have what was the worst one?: Something along the lines of "You AJ/Mac writers make me sick! What the fuck are you thinking?"

11) What is the best review that you have ever gotten? Hmm... I don't think I've ever gotten a full in-depth review. It's a bit disappointing.

12) Has a fan ever declared their love for you?: No--but I've had a couple say they love my work. :-)

13) Has a fan ever declared their lust for you?: *sigh* No. I'm so unloved. ;-)

14) Do you read your own fiction when you’re bored?: Occasionally. If I'm particularly proud of that piece.

15) What's your favourite fanfiction story that you've written?: Hmm... that's pretty difficult to answer, but I would have to say either "Glances" or my most recent piece, "Reassurances". Both are character pieces, and both are more subtle in character interaction than most of my work.

16) What's your favourite story that someone else wrote?: Oh, wow. Now that is a difficult question. Wait--no, it's not. "Playing With Fire", an epic AJ/Mac fic posted over a year and a half on ajmacfic. Kim is an amazing author.

17) What writer do you admire the most?: As soon as I saw this, I thought Ava. Definitely. Each of her fics is so different, but the same in how they can get me to worship her even more. *grin* That reminds me--I wanted to reread "The Illusive Model"...

18) Have you ever written something and not posted it?: A few times, yes. I started a small SS/HG fic a few months back, but scrapped it. I wrote a fairly long AJ/Mac AU fic, as well, but decided it wasn't good enough to ever see the light of day--too cliched.

19) What's your favourite rating to post in? PG-13. I just cannot write smut for the life of me, but I love to write slightly sensual scenes. Hee. Alliteration.

20) Are original writers jealous of our talent to take an already existing idea and twist it around in more ways then a pretzel that knows yoga?: *snort* Are you kidding?
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