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NCIS Rant: Left for Dead (OAD: 1/6/04)

Let me just say: WOW. The writers have certainly outdone themselves this time. This was definitely worth the wait.

The episode starts out with a woman clawing her way out of the ground. Literally. It's pouring, and she's climbing out of the mud. She runs onto the road and stops an oncoming car. The driver asks what her name is, and she can't remember--but she does remember there's a bomb on a Navy ship.

Gibbs is sleeping under his boat. The phone rings--it's Tony, who's at the office at 0520 because the boiler at his apartment blew. He asks Gibbs if he fell asleep while working on his boat again. Gibbs asks why he thinks that, and Tony says that he heard the TV on in the background, and that Gibbs only has one television in his house.

Bwah! Tony stayed at Gibbs' house once, but Gibbs says no to again. Oh, the slashers are gonna love this... *grin*

Anyway, Gibbs tells Tony to send Kate to the hospital to talk to the woman.

Tony, Gibbs, and Ducky are at Rock Creek Park, at the crime scene. Ducky's telling another one of his amusing anecdotes. He explains why graves are dug six feet into the ground.

At the hospital... Kate's talking to the doctor that treated Jane Doe. He starts to go off on a tangent. My reaction was, 'It's a young Ducky!' so when Kate asks, "Are you, by any chance, related to a Dr. Mallard?" I laughed.

Gibbs on the phone, arguing with Kate. He hangs up and says, really disgustedly, "She's bonded." In a voice meant to mimic Kate, he says, "Her eyes. They just pleaded for help. Tony says, "I just love that look on a woman." Both my friend and I sputtered, "That PIG!"

Kate talking to the woman. She doesn't remember anything except that she likes blueberries.

The park again. Tony's patiently listening to Ducky (for once). In an opening in Ducky's monologue, Tony says, "You know, we've worked together for two years, and I have no idea where you live." Ducky replies, "There's a reason for that."

Gibbs finds a key.

At the lab. For some reason, they're talking about chastity belts. I'm going to have to watch the episode again, because that conversation looked quite amusing.

There are residues on the woman's clothing which, when mixed together, make a big boom.

Kate with the woman again. The woman remembers some German word--I didn't write it down, because I probably would've butchered it--that means 'explosive maker'. And, apparently, Kate speaks some German.

Kate says that the woman has remembered who she was. The woman says her name is Maureen Ingalls, and she lives in Alexandria. The doctor releases her into Kate's care, but Gibbs knows better. He asks, "So who is Maureen Ingalls?" She's actually Kate's cousin who lives in Los Angeles.

Kate says to Tony, "She'll be occupying my spare bedroom so I don't have to say yes to you." So Kate has a two-bedroom apartment.

Later, Tony complains to Abby about this. She says, "Shocking." I love Abby's sense of humor. She's awesome. Tony sees something on the key Abby's inspecting, and he points it out, saying it's not just a scratch. Abby says, in a surprised voice, "You might actually be right."

Wow! Kate has a really nice apartment!

The ship the bomb's on isn't an aircraft carrier, nor is it a submarine. Kate pulls up pictures of other ships, and the woman says that they look like they're possibilities. Anyway, the woman says she's hungry, and they go out to dinner.

Back to the lab. The scratch on the key is actually really small writing that says "the apartment". Abby's run a check on the key, and there are only a few hotels in the area that accept permanent residents. For some reason, Gibbs knows the number to the Jackson Hotel by heart. And... we find out one of his ex-wives lives there. So why does he still know the number?

Kate and the woman at a store. The woman said that she had a coat like the one Kate gave her to wear. It's a few years old, though. The woman recognizes a man who comes into the store. However, it's not the man who attacked her, because he's dead, as Tony and Gibbs find out when they go to the Jackson to check the suite.

Ducky and the DCPD medical examiner argue over who's doing the autopsy. Ducky wins after deriding the DCPD's equipment.

Kate and the woman are at a restaurant. The woman has another flash of memory. "Tell me what you're seeing," Kate prompts.

"A sad and lonely woman," the woman replies. She had seen herself.

Abby's lab. There was a fingerprint match between Jane Doe and a fingerprint found in the suite, so she was there.

The dead man worked for a German bomb-detecting company, DFF.

The woman also worked for the company--her name is Suzanne McNeil, and she formulates explosives for testing needs.

Kate and Suzanne at the morgue. She looks at the body and has another memory--she was given six months of severance pay? Why?

Whoa! She killed him, and she lies to Kate about it! I don't like this lady.

Kate gets all the information on Suzanne.

Gibbs likes to hang up on people, doesn't he? Not a very patient man.

Gibbs and Tony at the DFF building. Did Gibbs just slap Tony? Did I miss something? (Ah... cakemage tells me that it was a "gentle cuff on the back of the head. And then they smiled fondly at each other.")

It was a Navy ship that Suzanne remembered--but it was a mock-up.

Okay, apparently, Gibbs had a hunting dog once. They're showing Gibbs and Tony how their bomb-sniffing technology works, and something detonates. Gibbs says, smirking, "I had a huntin' dog like that once."

Kate brings Suzanne to the DFF building to see if she can remember anything. She only did it after Suzanne begged her, though.

Suzanne and that Breuer dude go off to talk. Gibbs says, "That son-of-a-bitch is guilty as hell."

She does remember! I knew I didn't like her! She and Brauer were having an affair. He refused to leave his wife for her. He sent the bald guy to fire her, and she killed him.

Tony and Gibbs are arguing over why Tony can't stay with him. Tony says that he was younger and more immature then; Gibbs responds, "It was six months ago, Tony!" Kate is watching Suzanne and Breuer in suspicion.

Oh, God... she has an explosive that will detonate if you drop it. And she does.

At the end of the episode, Kate is getting treated by an EMT. She looks absolutely devastated. Gibbs and Tony are watching her.

Tony says, "We gotta do something, boss."

Gibbs replies, "Have you ever made a mistake, Tony?"

"According to you or me?"



"Did anyone make you feel better?"

"No," Tony shakes his head and walks away. Gibbs calls after him, "It's unlocked.

"I know." Oh, the slashiness of this show is amazing. I never thought DPB had it in him. *evil grin*

Well, that's it! I'm sure kerlin will be able to give you the actual highlights of the episode on her website at a later date. I am off to write an episode reaction, because Kate's expression at the end was just begging for one.
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