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NCISfic Rec: Different

Fandom: Navy NCIS

Title: Different

Author: B. Cavis

Rating: PG-13

Category: Humor, Romance, Vignette

Pairing: Gibbs/Kate

Summary: "Kate was Kate. And he knew just how much... Kate she was."


Story Status: Complete.

Shannon's Thoughts: You know what I love? Finding an author that sets the bar so high that I have to strain to reach it, much less clear it. This author does so. NCIS is a fairly new fandom, and there's not much fic to find yet. "Different" is the first such that not only explores Gibbs' psyche, but explores it in a realistic manner. This fic is funny, yet thoughtful--and as a writer, I could see how it could have taken an angsty turn anytime. However, B. Cavis kept it light and funny.

Of course, I also have to give the author points for leading me into yet another fandom--L&O: CI. Not that I need another one. But damn her, she's hooked me on Eames/Goren. *grin*

Final judgment: 9/10.


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