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So this is Christmas...

It's Christmas Day. That wonderfully magical morning that children await all year long. Even as an adult, the special feeling doesn't completely fade.

We opened our gifts last night. It was so much fun to watch the others open their "big presents", as the most expensive presents are called in my family. The looks of shock on their faces when they discovered they all got just what they wanted... I never realized that it could be so great to just watch.

Two of the foster girls got karaoke machines for Christmas. I am so glad I've moved out. :-) They're roommates, too, which will compound the noise that much more.

One of the grandchildren got a bird. It's a beautiful little bird--no idea what kind it is. It's also a really nervous bird. Of course, considering the noise level here last night, that's understandable.

I got a Winnie-the-Pooh nightshirt and slippers. I love Pooh! *hugs self happily* I didn't get much else (I have to be able to carry it all back to school, after all), but spending time with my family was more than worth it. I don't mean to go all sappy on you--ah, what the hell. It's Christmas, right? What better time to get sappy?

I'm not a 'people person' by any definition of the phrase. Given a choice, I would hole myself up in my room all day and not speak to anyone. However, sometimes it's gratifying to just sit in a room and watch the ones you love. (And from here on out, I mean the universal 'you'.) It's a good reminder that you're not alone, that there are always people who care for you, who worry about you.

It's easy to get frustrated with people you see day in and day out. But once you strike out on your own, you realize that these people aren't so bad after all. Even with all the bickering and infighting, if someone threatened one of your own, you would unite and overcome the opponent. That is the wonder of a close-knit family like this one. They fight all the time--sometimes good-naturedly, sometimes not--but when one is threatened, all come to his (or her) aid.

This is the time of year during which I get all contemplative. It's kinda annoying, to tell you the truth. :-) I realize that, even with my past, I have so much to be thankful for. I'm thankful for teenage girls. Without them, I would never have learned how to schedule bathroom time wisely. I'm thankful for teenage boys. Without them, I would never have learned how to ask permission from the parents before drawing first blood. ;-) I'm thankful for piece and quiet--a rare commodity in this house, even when it's not the holiday season. Seriously, though, I'm thankful for this family that I've been blessed with. My biological family always acted as though I was a burden. I've lived with four foster families in the past. Some were neglectful, some were downright abusive--but this one... this one treats me like I'm not a burden, but a blessing. And that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Okay, now I'm crying, damn it. I think I'll stop now. I need to call my sister.

Merry Chri--er, happy non-denominational winter holiday of your choice! *grin*

God bless us, everyone.


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