like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

"Bah" to stereotypical gender roles.

Christmas! I love Christmas. I like decorations, and candy, and yes, I unironically love Christmas music. But the best part is watching kids open presents and seeing their reactions.

I only get to see my niece and nephew around the holidays, so I don't really know what their interests are. (Though they are only three and two respectively, so it's not quite as bad--the best part for them is the wrapping paper.) This year, some of their gifts were: for her, a baby doll, one of those little barking and walking dogs, and a MobiGo; and for him, a toy dump truck and backhoe, and a dancing piano thing with Mega Bloks inside.

He ended up playing with the fuzzy little dog with the pink bow; she wanted the dump truck. (They both fought over the MobiGo. Apparently, they really love playing with my sister's tablet.)

Anyone who thinks gender roles are inherent and not taught, well, Dogbert would have something to say to them.
Tags: family, holidays, real life stuff

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