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Stephen Colbert's awesomeness is so legendary, it can even affect THE PAST.

I was reading The Lost Duke of Windham by Julia Quinn, and I had to put the book down and just laugh for, like, a minute. Because the word "truthiness", in all its splendor, stared up at me from the dialogue. But I'm afraid Stephen would scold Mr. Audley and Miss Eversleigh (the hero and heroine of the tale), for of course truthiness is a word. Because Stephen Colbert said so.

Also! I found my Julia Quinn novels! I had an unopened box of books sitting right next to my TV for months, and I just noticed it two days ago. I did a literal facepalm upon that discovery (especially since not a few of my Discworld books were also in that box).

Anyway, it's a gorgeous day outside, so of course I'm going to go home and sleep it all away. Because I am tired, and this is my weekend.

But before I go, a question for the flist (that I won't see the answer for before next Tuesday): what the heck are Silly Bands? Should they be capitalized? Why are people looking for them? I've had two customers come in (this is third shift, mind you, so in the middle of the night for most people) asking if I knew where the Silly Bands were. Apparently they're toys? 'Cause that's the department I (normally) work. I'd think if they're what they sound like--bracelets of some kind--they'd be in Apparel, but hey, that's just my logic kicking in. (You'd think working at Walmart would've killed that reflex by now...)
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