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I <3 books. Oh, yes, I do.

I read five books in the last week. No, really. Well, I had no Internet access (because I couldn't get to the freaking library until Wednesday), but my aunt was awesome enough to stop by the library and pick up the books I had on hold, so...

I loved them all. Okay, I liked At All Costs, which was the last of the full-length Honor Harrington novels I needed to read, but I didn't love it. I did love the romance parts (because I adore an OT3), but with everything else, I was just thinking, "Will you shut up already?" Too much exposition!

But, oh my God, you guys. Snow Crash and The Stepsister Scheme (both of which cakemage recommended) were amazing. Especially Snow Crash. That book was insane. And funny. And pretty thought-provoking, too, which just made it even better.

I also read Kushiel's Scion, and am now going to check out the next two in that trilogy. I don't remember why I got distracted from Kushiel's Scion--I did try to read it before--but it must've been pretty damned interesting, because it was a good book. Not as good as Kushiel's Dart, but I usually find the first book in a series is the best one. (This isn't always the case--the Discworld series, for example.)

I guess what I'm really trying to say here is... yay books! \o/
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