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"Adventure is out there!"

In case you didn't guess by the subject line, I watched Up this week. That movie is so adorable, but it made me cry. No, really. This is the first time a Disney movie has ever made me cry. You know what I want? I want the story of how Carl and Ellie fell in love. Also, I want to see Dug as a puppy. I think that would be just like the movie--adorable, but sad.

Want to know what I did for Black Friday? I pushed shopping carts in the rain for three hours. ...Yeah. I was so miserable when I got off work. But you know what? I bought new boots last week--because my sneakers were soaked from a rainstorm--and after being in the rain for three hours, my socks were still nice and dry when I got home! The brand is Earth Spirit, and I recommend them highly.

Today at work, I had eight pallets of freight to put up. Have you ever been in the toy department at Walmart the day after Black Friday? Fortunately, my manager sent some people over to help me, or I would have seriously sat down in the middle of an aisle and cried.
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