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Oh, come ON.

I nearly managed to sprain my ankle this morning at work.

The Walmart I work in borders on a residential neighborhood, so there are zoning issues with bright lights and loud noises after 9 PM. The parking lot behind the store isn't well-lit at all, and there's a lot of crap back there for the remod. I tripped over an empty pallet while looking for some shelves--which nobody was able to find--and heard a nice loud "pop" in my ankle. Fortunately, it's just twisted a bit, not sprained, so with a bit of rest and ice it should be fine. I'll probably take tonight off--the assistant manager was pretty insistent about that, since he wants me at full strength when I, apparently, join his team tomorrow night. I think I'll need it; my ankle will likely still be sore tonight, and I ride my bike to work.

In other news, I'm making my way through the Honor Harrington series. I just finished The Short Victorious War, and I have two things to say: Honor's made it onto my list of favorite female characters, and I want a treecat. *grin*
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