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Latest story--NCIS

Gah. Sometimes, a scene or a storyline just grabs you by the throat and screams, "Write me, or you'll never sleep again!" all the while, cackling evilly. Yeah, those psycho evil plot bunnies will be the death of me.

Well, in my latest NCIS fic, Kate is abducted (well, not really 'abducted', but work with me here) by her stalker, and Gibbs has to rescue her. I know, done to death. And I hate the 'damsel-in-distress' stereotype as much as the next person (if not more), but it had to be written for one particular scene that I wanted.

"How dare I? I was worried about you, Kate, and you kept avoiding my questions. Since you wouldn't tell me what was wrong, I had to figure it out myself."

"By invading my privacy!" Kate said, outraged. "You had no right to go through my things!"

"I had every right! Something was endangering a member of my team. I took what steps I needed to find out what it was."

"I can take care of myself," Kate hissed.

"Like you did sixteen years ago?" Gibbs sneered. Kate gasped in shock and slapped him across the face. She rushed out of the room.

Abby, who had watched the entire scene in silence, said disgustedly, "Good going, Gibbs. Great way to blame the victim." She got up and followed Kate.

And before you ask--no, that's not the scene that I was thinking of--but it's close. ;-) The new fic still needs some work, but it should be up by the weekend. Ah, I just love winter break. *grin*

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