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Vicious, evil plot bunny.

I have this evil little Doctor Who post-JE plot bunny gnawing on my ankles. It's annoying, because while I love the idea, I can't get myself to write it. But it's fun to consider, because every detail I think of sprouts another, and it's developing into its own universe. *searches for Mythbusters icon*

So. Like I said, it's post-"Journey's End". However! It's inspired by jessalrynn's "For This?" It's a Rose and human!Doctor (whatever you want to call him) fic where they don't get married, have babies, live HEA, etc. They work for Torchwood, and eventually move to Cardiff ("Why does it always have to be Cardiff?") when Rose takes over Torchwood there. I'm calling this 'verse "The Madcap Misadventures of Torchwood Three".

My character list is as follows:

Rose Tyler (aka Madam Director, aka Oh-Shit-It's-Her)
John Noble (aka the Tigger-on-Crack, aka Handy the Wonder Clone, aka Space-boy)
Ianto Jones (aka the Coffee God, aka The One With the Stun Gun)
Donna Noble (aka Her Awesomeness)
Martha Jones (aka She-Who-Wields-a-Mean-Scalpel)
Jake Simmonds (...I don't have a silly nickname for him yet; any suggestions?)

It's too bad there's not another Tyler, or else we could really confuse things. *grin*

But really, though! How terrifying would this combination be, with the calm, competent awesomeness of Ianto and Donna, and John and Jake with plenty of explosives, and Rose and Martha saving the world like the fabulous world-savers they are? (I'm having a Buffy flashback here. "I just want to date, shop, hang out with my friends, save the world from unspeakable evil. You know, girly stuff.")

Oh! Also, this idea insists on an alt!Doctor appearing. Because I have this mental image of the TARDIS materializing in Cardiff, and Rose getting frustrated because it's not a Doctor she can smack for being so high-handed. (And yes, yes, before people start pointing out that the Doctor was trying to be all noble and self-sacrificial, I get that. I just don't care.)

But this is where the idea doesn't want to settle. It's either alt!Eight coming right off the Time War, and we end up with emo!10.5 because it brings up all sorts of bad memories that his part-human self can't just file away, or it's alt!Nine (because I'm a Pervy Nine Fancier) with a little Captain Jack thrown in, and it ends up crackier than I expected, with Rose not sure whether this is good or bad and John/TenToo/whatever boggling over Nine's ears and Jack talking him and Ianto into a threesome and Nine just wanting to know what the hell is going on.

Oh! I forgot to mention--since it's inspired by "For This?", it's John/Ianto, Rose/alt!Doctor, and Donna/her own awesomeness. (Yes, I'm a bit of a Donna fangirl. Not as much as I am for Rose, but I do love Donna.)

...Yeah. So should I try writing it, or if I should just give up now and find myself a nice padded room?


Apr. 2nd, 2009 05:50 am (UTC)
lolz, I'd totally read it! For alt!Doctor....I vote Nine, and not just because I'm a fellow Nine Fancier, but....I really like the idea of Jack talking John and Ianto into a threesome. XD And the image of John putting on the brainy specs and flicking Nine's ears. Mhm.

Mind, this doesn't necessarily mean that you don't need a nice padded room. Just that I might be checking into the one right next to you. XD


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