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Plot bunny--free to a good home!

I read a Stargate fic somewhere about Teal'c watching Doctor Who (the new series) and dragging the rest of SG-1 into his new fandom. I don't remember where, exactly--I think it was on

I just had the opposite idea--the Doctor, Jack, and Rose watching Stargate SG-1. Oh my God. The Doctor would have an aneurysm over the time-travel episodes. Especially "Moebius". The whole idea that SG-1 didn't have to go back in time to find the ZPM because they already did so? Totally would not fly in the Doctor Who universe. I can so see the Doctor gesticulating wildly and shouting at the TV, "You can't DO that! It doesn't WORK that way! Congratulations--you just BROKE the space-time continuum."
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