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Yuletide! Yay!

I'M ALIVE! And I have Internet access! \o/

I loved my yuletide fics this year. Yeah, that's right, plural--I got two.

The Goatherd Prince
Raised in the quiet of the sanctuary of Elua in Siovale, Imri wonders about omissions in his story.

As We Are Bidden, So Do We Answer
Two children muse on the precept of Blessed Elua, unaware of what it will mean to them in years to come.

And I don't have any recs right now--I just got on the internets--but I've read some great, hilarious, and disturbing fics so far.

Anyway, my holiday was pretty good. I got lots of Discworld books! My sister got me Where's My Cow?, and I glomped her! *grin* (She also got me Making Money, and my uncle got me Going Postal, so that worked out great. I finished both of them by yesterday.)
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