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So I went to my uncle's for Thanksgiving again this year. It was... fun, I guess. It's family, what can I say?

On Wednesday I watched this show, "Rise of the Videogame", on Discovery. It was really cool--apparently, it's only the first part, so I'll have to check to see when it continues.

Yesterday, of course, was the huge meal. Only six people were there, though--my sister had to work, and one of my aunt's sons went to his in-laws' for dinner. They did stop in for a bit, though--their little girl, S., just turned a year old, and she is adorable.

Oh! And my mom and I went to my sister's house yesterday. She and her boyfriend are living in our (other) aunt's house--the one we grew up in. It was SO WEIRD being back there. It seemed so... small. Strange how your perspective can change in nine years.

(Also, it actually had walls. And paint on the walls. For years, the insulation was exposed. Yeah, I know, that was real safe.)

And my sister has a dog now, too! He's a seven-month-old Australian Shepherd named Toby, and he's the sweetest dog I've ever met. He's so friendly! He was all, "Ooh, who's this? Friends! Petmepetmepetme! Would you like to play with my chewed-up sock? It's my favorite!"

Wow. I don't bounce around subjects like a kitten with a concussion at all, do I? :-)
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