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Calculus exam: complete.

My state of mind: complete panic.

There is no way in hell I got above an 80 on that exam. Seeing as there were only 10 problems, and I didn't understand two of them... yeah. I took a wild swing at the first (and got it totally wrong--I didn't even use the right frickin' formula), and sat and stared at the second for the better part of an hour (literally). The problems that I knew, I knew cold, but the ones that I didn't... no chance in hell. Fortunately, my professor's a pretty lenient grader, and she gives partial credit for attempting the problems, so hopefully, I should pass.

Of course, this didn't keep my panic attack away during the exam. My train of thought went from, "What is this derivative supposed to be used for in the first place?" to "Oh, my God, I have no idea what I'm doing," to "I am totally going to fail," to "If I don't get above a 3.0, I'll lose my scholarship." Then I told the little voices in my head to shut the hell up so I could concentrate on failing the damned exam, kthx.

Tomorrow: Shakespeare. Three essays in three hours.

I am so screwed.


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