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A random thought I had on reading yet another MLC fic.

I know that Marriage Law fics in Harry Potter fandom have gotten incredibly repetitive. However, there are a few that I rather like. I'm actually in the middle of reading one right now (A Law to Herself), and I had a thought regarding the DH epilogue.

Those of you who've read DH know about the epilogue. You know, the one that seems like it was written by a ten-year-old girl, where everyone's playing Happy Families and the two men who made Harry's life hell for seventeen years are honored posthumously by having their names given to one of his children.

As you can probably tell, I'm one of those people who despises the epilogue.

Anyway. So I was thinking about Marriage Law fics, and how they could work in a post-DH world. And it turns out, they'd work pretty well.

And before the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny shippers start screaming at me: you KNOW I don't ship either of those, so why are you arguing with me? You got your canon, now let me enjoy my delusional world.

Look: Harry and Hermione both marry Pure-bloods (Ginny and Ron, respectively), and have children. Draco's wife isn't even named, which could work into a MLC fic quite well.

So what I was thinking is this: the Wizengamot, idiots that they are, pass a Marriage Law because of drastically low numbers of post-war magical births--if it's not Pure-bloods breeding themselves out of existence, it's Muggleborns marrying Muggles rather than those of Wizarding blood and therefore making it less likely a magical child is born. The Minister tries to overturn it, but the Wizengamot is firm on this. The law states that all magical people of age must marry and produce at least two children--one male, one female, which is why Ron and Hermione have a boy and a girl, and why Ginny and Harry stopped when they had a girl. There's an allowance for schooling and job training, explaining the "nineteen years later" deal. Pure-bloods aren't allowed to marry other Pure-bloods (defined as X number of magical generations); preferably, they marry a Muggleborn. Muggleborns aren't allowed to marry Muggles or other Muggleborns, as it would be too easy for them to slip into the Muggle world.

It would be so easy to write a dystopic post-DH fic, even with the epilogue to consider, if one ignores JKR's interview blatherings (which I do).
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