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I am shocked. Shocked, I say.

I actually spent the last eight hours away from my computer. Amazing, isn't it? And I'll be spending more time away from it tomorrow! The Apocalypse is upon us!

A bunch of the family (okay, a bunch of the women) went to get our nails done today (at the same place we usually do). It took about three hours, since the girls who are usually there went back to college.

Afterward, we all came back here and had a little get-together. About the same as most of our other gatherings, really, except maybe not as many people. And there was alcohol.

And! You guys! I actually had a margarita! No, you don't understand. I've never had a drink before--not even when I came of age last year. I tried a pomegranate martini when we went to Fire & Ice back in May, but I couldn't finish it--it was too strong. Even the mango margarita I had tonight, I nursed for about four hours. I think it might take me a while to get used to the taste.
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