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Ah, batshit insanity.

Dear DLP-ers:

Okay, so I understand you think Harry is a sociopath who should reject his friends and start killing people indiscriminately until he RULZ DA WURLD OMG.

HOWEVER. If you think Hermione would ever betray Harry, for any reason, you are a fucking whackjob. (I mean, more than your fics of pointless violence would suggest.) She chose Harry over Ron, for cryin' out loud. (Though that actually displays sense on her part. But I digress.) She wouldn't spy on Harry for manipulative!Dumbledore unless she was under the Imperius Curse.

And though Ron may be a jealous dumbass, he wouldn't betray Harry, either. He may be a moRon and abandon him, but he'd never actually betray him.

Also! I have some strange fantasies, but I really hope you don't believe anyone should do half the things you have Harry do in your fics. Because that is just sick.

Incredibly disturbed,
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