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LiveJournal! I'll never leave you again! *clings*

I visited my uncle this weekend, and he only has dial-up. It was a very long weekend. But I had fun without my Internets, so it was worth it. There was an art show in Wilcox Park, and there was a lot of cool stuff there. I have a new outfit, though I'll probably never wear it in public, but it has a halter top, which I really can't pull off. (Erm... you know what I mean.)

Oh, and when I got home, I found a whole bunch of mail from Simmons waiting on the piano. My work-study checks. Hel-lo, new laptop! *grabby hands*

Also, I'm considering buying a cell phone. What company should I go with? I'm looking at Verizon right now, but I'm open to suggestions.
Tags: lj, questions, real life stuff

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