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Oh, Sylar. I can't believe I'm feeling sympathy for the serial killer, but... *wibbles* Mama Sylar has fucked up her son liek woah. And now, after accidentally killing her, he's snapped.

This whole episode was one huge *wibble*. Awkward Petrelli family togetherness! Mohinder with the little girl! Hiro not wanting to become like Future Hiro! Sylar wanting forgiveness and then going off the deep end!

And, y'know, Candace creeps me out even more than Sylar does. 'Cause Candace doesn't even believe in "natural selection", like Sylar's deluded himself into believing. She's just a crazy bitch who threatens little kids, all the while with a smile on her face. (But then, given how this show's gotten me to change my views on so many characters, I wouldn't be surprised if I was wrong about her.)
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