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Adventures with power outages

Well, that was an interesting two hours. The power went out for our block. I wasn't even entirely sure what had happened until I noticed that my computer said it was running on battery power. (I just thought my roommate had turned the light off; she'd just passed by the light switch.)

When I realized it, I stuck my head out into the hallway--so did everyone else on my floor. There were emergency lights on, so we weren't in complete darkness. Just in our rooms.

I played Uno with five other girls, then we headed out to wander for a bit. We got ice cream, then went to Shaw's for flashlights. We found out that the power had come back on while we were at Shaw's. Oh, the wonders of cell phones.

It was so weird, though! I didn't have my beloved Internets! And all of my friends were complaining that they were missing Grey's Anatomy. I must say, that has really got to suck. I didn't have it in my heart to laugh at them, because I'd react the same way if I had to miss a two-hour special of one of my shows.

I'm just glad I don't have to miss The Daily Show tonight. And that I only have one class tomorrow.
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