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DUDE. Silar impersonating Nathan! I didn't see that one coming until he said "...until I met someone named Candace who could make me President." And then I was like OMFG SILAR WHUT.

And Peter/Niki? That made me feel dirty and wrong. Please not to be with the crazy bitch. Even if she's not crazy anymore.

I was hoping that Claire's fiance's name was Jack. I was disappointed when we found out it was Andy.

And Mr. Bennett helping people escape and hide! I was all, *heart*. What a change from OMGEVIL, huh?

And the Schmuck wasn't all schmuck-like! He was rather competent! However, he was evil. This made me sad. Especially when he was beating up our Hiro. And when he killed Mr. Bennett.

Interesting note: it seems that, unlike Peter, Silar can't absorb someone's power unless he kills them. So he's not a true Empath. I had been wondering if he could take all of Peter's powers from him after Peter went invisible in ".07%". But he can't. I am relieved.

And Future Hiro lost Ando! That's why he's so badass! I knew that Ando was dead as soon as he asked what he was doing in the future, but I hadn't realized there was a direct correlation.

And Mohinder. *heart* THANK YOU for not being a complete and utter MORON like you have been in the past.

So, what did you think?
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