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Dude. DUDE. *flails*

*whimpers* WANT.

ALL-INCLUSIVE Trip to San Francisco - Watch Live as Adam and Jamie Set Out to Bust More Myths!
Item Number: 172

Estimated Value: Priceless

Description: This PRICELESS PACKAGE FOR TWO includes...

* Two roundtrip FIRST CLASS tickets on American Airlines to San Francisco, CA;
* A 2-night stay at the Omni San Francisco Hotel; and
* A private sedan service by Music Express to/from...
* A VISIT TO THE SET OF DISCOVERY CHANNEL'S HIT SHOW, MYTHBUSTERS where you can watch live as Adam, Jamie, Tory, Grant and Kari set out to bust more myths and ask your burning questions!

MYTHBUSTERS airs on the Discovery Channel every Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Each week, special-effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman take on myths and use modern-day science to show you what's real and what's fiction. That's right, they do more than explain how something may or may not be scientifically possible. Through trial and error they actually demonstrate it.
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