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FF: Confused Memories, Part 24

Title: Confused Memories (24/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: R
Category: Drama, Romance, Crossover (JAG/Harry Potter)

Spoilers: Through "The One That Got Away" (JAG); Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. The JAG universe belongs to DPB and his gang, and the Harry Potter universe belongs to the goddess, JKR.

Chapter 23: In which there are many surprises (could also be known as: In which the author plays God)

Mac stared at AJ in shock. An onslaught of images ran through her mind, paralyzing her.

"Are you paying attention, recruit?!"

"You're to report to Major Farrow in Okinawa..."

"I'm pulling you off the case. You've been requested at JAG Headquarters."

"Marines don't duck."

"This is a mistake."

"Why am I the only one crying?"

"So we decided to call our baby girl ‘Sarah.' If that's okay with you, Colonel."

"Last time I did this, I was eighteen and drunk."

"Come to me."

"What he missed out on was you, and that makes him one damned fool."

"Anyone who has ever been involved with Mac is either dead or feels like they are."

"Awkward moment number 310."

"This, from the woman whose law school recommendation came from a superior officer with whom she was having a torrid affair."

"I need you."

"Things will never work out between us."

"Mac!" AJ shouted, pulling her to the ground. The curse that had been headed toward her sailed harmlessly over their heads.

"Ad-admiral?" she stuttered.

AJ's face was a mixture of relief and sorrow. "You remember."

"Everything." She blocked a curse. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Mac--I'm so sorry."

She gave him a short, sweet kiss. "There's no time for regrets." She looked around. The fighting had all but stopped. "The Aurors are here. We'll talk later... AJ." She got up and began helping to clear the battlefield.


Severus didn't feel anything. If this was death, he didn't see what was so bad about it.

He opened his eyes. Lucius Malfoy lay on the ground, gray eyes open in shock. A masked Death Eater stood beside the body. He held his hand out to Severus, who refused it, standing on his own.

He surveyed the battlefield. Aurors were in the process of apprehending the Death Eaters who hadn't fled when they had arrived. He rolled his eyes as Harry Potter stormed over to them.

"Damn it, Malfoy!" he yelled. "I told you to capture him alive! Can't you follow one instruction!"

The Death Eater yanked off his mask. If Severus had been given to displays of emotion, his jaw would have dropped. Draco Malfoy stood before him in full Death Eater garb--but he and Potter weren't hexing each other into oblivion.

"Potter, you know my father wouldn't have given up until he had killed each and every last one of you. He was seconds away from finishing off Severus. Was I supposed to just stand by and watch? I know that you think I'm heartless, but even I'm not that cold."

"No, Draco. Of course not," Harry softened. "But we really needed his testimony."

"I know everything he did, Harry. I'll tell you what I found out." Severus shook his head in amazement as the two walked away without acknowledging him.

A low moan caught his attention. He knelt by Hermione's side. "Miss Granger, remain still. I'm going to have to carry you. Do try not to lash out." He lifted Hermione into his arms. She flinched and cried out in pain. The aftereffects of the Cruciatus made any physical contact extremely painful, but Severus didn't want to use Mobilicorpus while she was still conscious.

He made his way slowly across the field, sidestepping the rubble and broken bodies of the casualties. He saw Professor MacKenzie comforting Remus Lupin. That he had never liked any of the elder Potter's gang was an understatement, but he could at least stand the werewolf. To lose two lovers in a few years must have been quite painful, he thought absently.

He pushed his way inside the castle. The entrance hall was swarming with people assisting with triage. Severus hurried to the Hospital Wing, where he knew the worst cases would be.

"Poppy!" he said as he entered the Infirmary. He laid Hermione down on the nearest empty bed.

Madam Pomfrey came hurrying through the door, snapping orders at a sixth-year assistant. "What is it, Severus?" she asked distractedly.

"Miss--Professor Granger requires your attentions," he said, ignoring her tone of voice.

The fact that Severus had corrected himself caught Poppy's attention immediately. "What happened?" she asked.

"Cruciatus," Severus replied simply. Poppy blanched.

"Oh, Merlin, not Hermione," she breathed. She snapped into professional mode. "I'll take care of her. You need to get down to your lab and start making potions. Choose a couple of students to help you. And don't argue with me, Severus."

"I wouldn't dream of it," he replied dryly. He swept out of the room.


"Remus. Remus," Sarah murmured, placing her hand on the man's shoulder. He whirled around.

"Oh, gods, Sarah. They killed him. They killed him," he whispered brokenly.

"I know. Clay always expected to be killed in the line of duty. I never wanted to believe it, but he knew. Somehow, he knew," Sarah replied quietly.

"We were just getting to know each other. I hadn't felt that way since... since..." Remus began crying, sobs wracking his body. Sarah slipped her arms around him, wordlessly comforting him. Suddenly, they heard a familiar voice behind them.

"Mac? Remus? What's going on?" They turned simultaneously, the shock in one face mirrored in the other. They stared at the battered, broken body on the ground, then up at the gray, translucent form before them.

The ghost of Clayton Webb stared at the tableau. "Well, damn," he said intelligently.

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