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Heroes (again)

I am now completely caught up on Heroes--through tonight's episode, "Parasite".

And this is what I have to say on each of the characters:

Mr. Bennet: I really thought he was evil at first, with a capital EVIL. But I liked the gradual revelation that he's not evil, just trying to protect his family. (Well, okay, and morally ambiguous. But that just makes him more interesting.)

Matt What's-His-Face--the mind-reader: What a schmuck.

Claire Bennet: I didn't know if I'd like Claire at first. Now, she's not my favorite character, but she is rather cool. Seeing as she's two generations removed from Mama Petrelli, it's understandable that the Awesome is a bit diluted.

Nathan Petrelli: I hated Nathan at first. I thought he was a complete dick. Now I can see where the Petrelli Awesome Gene has kicked in. (Also, he needs more scenes with Hiro.)

Peter Petrelli: So I'm guessing Peter's the one we're meant to connect with. How much fun would it be to do everything? Well, the blowing up part probably isn't much fun. Also, being thrown off a roof. Or being smacked around by Claude. Or watching the woman you love get killed in front of you. Though, as he is a hero, that part's only to be expected, really. :-)

Mama Petrelli: I love this woman. So incredibly much. I don't know what Papa Petrelli was like, but Mama Petrelli clearly ran--well, still runs--everything. I want to see a Mama Petrelli-Linderman throwdown.

Isaac Mendez: Um, I don't really care about Isaac that much.

Hiro Nakamura: Glee. So much glee whenever Hiro is on. He's just such a woobie. He is definitely my favorite character. (I didn't discover my undying love for the Petrelli family until tonight.)

Niki/Jessica Sanders: Through the first, like, ten episodes, I was screaming at the computer, "That's not a superpower--it's fucking MPD!" Though tearing a man in half is certainly something to draw attention. And, um, I kinda like Jessica better than Niki.

Mohinder Suresh: He's too pretty to die! I thought he was a moron up until tonight's episode, though. (Well, okay, he's still an idiot, but not at the level I thought he was.) Anyway, this is the one character where I allow myself to be completely shallow. I don't care about the genetics stuff--he is very very pretty.

Sylar: Crazy Bastard. But, oh, he's really the perfect antagonist for this show.

Claude: OMG Christopher Eccleston! With the "fantastic" and the "go home"! Yay in-jokes! But he really kicks ass as Claude. I rather enjoyed watching him smack Peter around.

You know what? This cast is way too freaking big. I give up here.

So, um, new fandom and all--who has fic recs?
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