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FF: Confused Memories, Part 21

Title: Confused Memories (21/?)

Author: raindroproses

Rating: R
Category: Drama, Romance, Crossover (JAG/Harry Potter)

Spoilers: Through "The One That Got Away" (JAG); Order of the Phoenix (Harry Potter)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. The JAG universe belongs to DPB and his gang, and the Harry Potter universe belongs to the goddess, JKR.

Chapter 21: In which the warning is given

Remus Apparated into the Forbidden Forest, just beyond the wards of Hogwarts. He took off at top speed, paying no mind to the various dangerous creatures of the forest. Any animal who attacked a werewolf deserved what it got. Survival of the fittest.

Remus stumbled onto the Hogwarts ground, breathing heavily. It had been a long time since he had needed to do this sort of physical activity. "H-hagrid," he gasped, seeing the groundskeeper wrestling with a slightly oversized pumpkin. "Hagrid," he called louder.

The half-giant looked around. Seeing Remus stumbling toward him, he placed the pumpkin down gently and said, "Remus, what're ye doin' out here?"

"Hagrid, I need you to run to Professor Dumbledore as quickly as you can. It's lunchtime--he should be in his office or the Great Hall. Tell him that there are Death Eaters on the path to Hogsmeade. We need to form a defense now--there's no time to waste."

Hagrid's bushy eyebrows went up in shock. "But I thought tha' all the Death Eaters were in Azkaban!"

Remus shook his head grimly. "Not even close. Now go! As quickly as you can!" Hagrid started running, his feet causing mini-earthquakes where they impacted the ground. Remus hurried to the gate.

As he watched for the Death Eaters to arrive, Remus worried. What had happened to Clay after he left? He shouldn't have left him behind. God, what he would do to have a Time Turner...

Movement caught his eye. His breath caught as Clay came stumbling up the path. "Clay?" he whispered in horror. The Death Eaters had beaten him mercilessly. They had also used a number of spells that even he couldn't reverse. Remus' heart nearly stopped with fear.

"Remus," Clay wheezed. "Open the gates--please. Let me in." Remus hurried to open the gates, not thinking of the consequences. Clay needed him. He knelt by Clay, trying to calm his nerves.

"Oh, look--it's the werewolf," a low voice sneered. Remus looked up, his heart sinking as he saw dozens of black robes surrounding them. "What shall we do with him, Master?"

"Leave him with his lover," the leader ordered. "In fact..." The apparent leader waved his wand lazily toward the two. Remus' eyes widened, and he moved to stand. However, the binding spell the wizard had cast would not allow him to move. "That's right," Malfoy said--Remus realized that he was the only one who could be the leader of this group. "You can't leave his side... until one of you dies." He laughed, a cold, cruel laugh. The group dispersed, leaving the two wizards behind.


"Headmaster! Headmaster!" Hagrid yelled as he ran through the entrance hall. He threw open the doors to the Great Hall. "Headmaster!"

"What is it, Rubeus?" the aged wizard asked.

"Death Eaters... at the gates... going to attack!" Hagrid said wildly.

Pandemonium reigned in the Hall. Dumbledore silenced the frightened students. "Prefects, lead all students sixth year or younger to the dungeons." For once, Severus did not object to the invasion of his sacred space. "Head Boy and Girl, please gather the seventh years together. Follow the plan that you learned at the beginning of the year." Two teens with badges on their collars nodded and turned to their classmates. "Professors, staff room, immediately."

AJ, who had been sitting at the end of the table next to Hermione, asked, "Have you seen Sarah today?"

She nodded, looking at AJ in ill-concealed anger. "She's most likely in the Divination Tower, going over lesson plans." She stood and ran out of the Hall, heading for the staff room.

AJ's mind went into overdrive. Death Eaters were attacking--and Sarah didn't know. He jumped up and followed Hermione--but he turned left where she turned right, and ran for the Divination Tower.

He swore violently as he reached the moving staircases. "Can't you see this is a goddamn emergency?" he roared. To his surprise, the staircases listened, aligning themselves in the quickest route to the tower.

"Thanks," AJ muttered, feeling foolish. He hurried pell-mell down the hallways, passing groups of students whispering worriedly. They stared, wide-eyed, as he raced past.

Finally, he reached the Divination Tower. He took the stairs in twos, ignoring inquiries from the paintings on the walls.

Sir Cadogan, a short, squat knight in one of the paintings, rushed downward. "Scoundrels!" he shouted. "Attacking a fair maiden in her chambers!"

AJ nearly tripped. He urged his body to go faster.

As he reached the classroom at the top of the tower, he paused for a moment to catch his breath, then opened the door cautiously.

Sarah stood in a corner, wand out. Two men dressed all in black leered at her.

"She's certainly a pretty one, eh, Avery?" the first nudged his partner.

"Damn it, Nott," the other said angrily, "the Master said no names. What are you, stupid?"

"Ah, shut your gob," the first said irritably. "Anyway, she won't remember one way or the other." He grinned evilly. "Imperio."

AJ's anger grew as he watched the first man--Avery--attempt to place Sarah under the Imperius Curse. He pulled his wand out quietly, awaiting his chance to vent his rage.

Sarah laughed in her attackers' faces. AJ grinned. "Stupefy," he whispered as Sarah yelled, "Expelliarmus!" She caught the two wands in her left hand.

"I'm confiscating these, young men," she mocked. "Stupefy," she said, Stunning the other man. Sarah placed the two wands in an inner pocket of her robes.

"Help me with them," she instructed AJ. Both put their personal issues out of mind in the face of their current situation. They moved the bodies into two chairs, tying them down and Petrifying them for good measure. AJ grabbed Sarah's hand and dragged her out of the tower just as the battle below began heating up.

"Shit!" AJ yelled as a stray curse burst through the window. They ran out of the classroom and down the stairs.

"Why don't we just Apparate?" AJ asked, slightly winded.

"Can't while on Hogwarts grounds. Hermione told me," Sarah replied shortly. AJ nodded in comprehension.

After what seemed like an eternity, they reached the bottom of the staircase. Wands out, they slipped into the empty corridor silently. AJ gestured toward the doors at the front of the entrance hall. They peered outside.

The air practically sizzled with the discharge of magic. Bolts of color shot through the air. Seventh years stood on the ramparts of the castle, sending every spell they could think of toward the Death Eaters. The professors were on the ground, confronting the invaders face-to-face.

"Let's go," AJ commanded tersely.

"Aye, sir," Sarah replied. AJ blinked, but said nothing. It would not pay to become distracted.

"Protego," Sarah whispered. A clear, faint bubble surrounded her. AJ raised an eyebrow, but did the same.

As they cautiously entered the fray, a couple of Death Eaters spotted them. "Petrificus Totalus!" Sarah yelled, putting one down for the count. She entered the battle in earnest.

Hoping Sarah knew what she was doing, AJ tried to recall what he had learned at Salem so long ago. "Expelliarmus! Stupefy!" he roared. Two Death Eaters were taken out of the battle.

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