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Daily Show and Colbert Report quotes

I am a geek. You all have intimate knowledge of this. I have decided to share even more of my geekery by making a list of the quotes of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report that I've transcribed. (You can find even more on tds_quotes and cr_quotes.

The Daily Show

This Week in God: Jerry Falwell

The Judge Report; This Week in God: Blasphe-ME!!; Kernel Knowledge; War on Terrour

August 15, 2005 (entire episode)

Bill O'Reilly interview

"If that had been shiny..."

Robert Novak: "Self-righteous comedian..."; Camera Three: Hugo Chavez

Even Stephven: Halloween

Run DNC; Camera Three: Dick Cheney

Video obituaries; State of the Union

Emboldening the enemy; Half Glass Full

The Colbert Report

The Word: Truthiness

The Word: Bacchanalia

The Word: Disappointed

The Word: Love Handles

The Word: Pussy

The Word: Overrated

The Word: Perspective

The Word: Quitter

The Word: XMas

The Word: Gay Gay Gay Gay Gay

The Word: Lose

The Word: Exact Words; Threat Down: HRC and

The Word: Wikilobbying; The Word: Black Sheep; On Notice: Weather Channel and Jane Fonda

The Word: Silence

Intro (2/5/07); Stephen Junior; Pray for Stephen
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