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We finally have those fuzzy monsters on the run. Or more accurately, on the drown.

This is the closest icon I have to "OH DEAR SWEET JESUS WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN US?!"

Seriously, folks--I just waded through ankle-deep puddles to get home. There are practically rivers running through the streets. My shoes and two pairs of socks are soaked through.

I could've handled this if it had been snow. Hell, if it was snow, I'd be cheering it on! Even if it had been JUST rain, it wouldn't be too horrible! But try stepping on a snowbank you thought was solid, then crashing through the crust to the freezing muddy slush below. You will start cursing.

You want global warming? I got your global warming right here. *points out window*
Tags: real life stuff, wtf mate?

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