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JAG Rant: A Merry Little Christmas (OAD 12/12/03)

*sniffle* This episode made me cry. Literally.

It starts with Harm and Mattie at the hangar. They're going over stuff for the custody hearing. We learn little things, like Mattie doesn't own a dress, and Harm's like Mattie's mom... on the inside.

A businessman walks in and gives Mattie some papers. He's taking control of the hangar in two days, and wants everything out by then.

At Mattie's house. Mattie's fifteen now--she had a birthday. Harm asks why she didn't tell him, and she says she doesn't make a big deal out of birthdays. She also says, "People suck. They always let you down." Sounds like me when I was fifteen. Hell, sounds like me now.

Harriet's still stressing over USO tour. One of the performers is stuck in Nevada, and can't get out. Can't remember if she said Reno or Vegas. Eh.

Sturgis is still acting like a jerk.

Oh, no. AJ's gift for Meredith was in a truck that caught on fire. It was a personalized PDA. Jen suggests that it was too... useful. I would've loved something like that. Of course, I'm a complete technophile. :-) She wants to help. Oh, God, here we go again...

Chaplain Turner is at JAG. I love the good chaplain. We find out his first name--it's Matthew. AJ asks him to perform his and Meredith's wedding ceremony. It'll be on May 14th at the chapel in Annapolis.

I love the soundtrack for this ep. *grin* The lady interviewing Harm shows up at Mattie's. She brought up all of the points I've been talking about all along--he's single, travels a lot, has a one-bedroom apartment, needs to arrange her schooling... And she asks if this is a whim. Good question, considering this is Harm.

Aw... Jen and AJ talking. How cute. They're bonding. *grin* No, not bondage. Though that might be fun. *coughs* Anyway... Jen says the Navy is her life.

Hee. Sturgis meets Varese Chestnuts, the singer Harriet was trying to arrange a flight for, as she steps off the elevator. How sweet! He is smitten. She is so flirting with him, too.

Sturgis and his dad go to One Step Down, a jazz club where Varese is performing. He liiiiikes her...

Chaplain Turner goes home in a cab--it was his idea. Varese's father was a preacher, too. She apparently got some of her oratory skills from him, because she gives Sturgis a nice little speech about how everyone is imperfect.

Go, Sturgis!! He kisses her! Woo-hoo! As cakemage said to me, "He just needed to get laid." And as I said, "Too true, too true."

Harm and Mac in Mac's apartment. Harm asks Mac to vouch for him at the hearing. They fight. Harm says that he didn't think Mac cared or something along those lines. Mac says, "Of all the dumb things you've said to me in the past eight years, that has to be the dumbest."

A few moments later, she says to him, "I have a problem with you cutting me out of your life until you need something." Harm replies, "Forget it. This is too important for you to screw up." You goddamn bastard! *slaps*

Jen and AJ talking. She bought a replacement PDA for Meredith.

Harm and inspector guy. He's looking at Harm's apartment, making sure it's livable. He calls Harm "refreshingly candid." Well, there's that...

AJ and Jen again. They're talking, and AJ tells her that she "needs to stop being so damn grateful all the time." Then she gives him a surprise--she wrote a poem from him for Meredith. Meredith is going to a production of Romeo and Juliet while in Bologna, and one of the actors is going to read it after the performance. How romantic is that? Why do I have the feeling Jen has a bit of a yenta streak in her...?

Jen asks AJ if he's happy. "Jennifer, for the first time in years," he answers. Aw...

Mattie shows up at Harm's apartment. Her father's back, and he's going to challenge Harm for guardianship.

The custody hearing. The judge lets the father speak. He says that he was in an "unfortunate accident", and left Mattie with relatives. For six months. What a great guy.

Mattie gets upset when he says this, and she yells at him. Harm tells her to sit down, and she apologizes.

Mac shows up to be a character witness for Harm. *rolls eyes* Oh, the shippers are gonna love this, aren't they? She nearly starts crying as she's testifying for Harm.

The judge rules to place Mattie in temporary foster care. She'll meet with them in six months. Yeah. And what happens when six months becomes three years, huh? What then? Are they gonna just forget about her? *peeved* Yes, I have a bit of experience with the foster care system.

Now for the Christmas Eve sermon. This year's theme? Forgiveness. Lessee... we can have Harm forgiving Mac, Mac forgiving Harm, Mattie forgiving her father, Sturgis forgiving everyone...

Hee. Harm and Mac are on opposite sides of the church. And Mac's sitting next to AJ! *sigh* I'm as bad as the Harm/Mac shippers, aren't I? Though it does appear Mac's still pining after Harm. Someone smack some sense into that woman! He does not deserve her.

Aw... Mattie doesn't want Harm to see her cry. She tells him that she'll send him the address of her new foster family so he can visit. Sweetie, it probably won't happen. Believe me. Though... as much as I hate Harm, he is a man of his word. And he promised that he wouldn't abandon her.

Mac talks to Mattie's dad, "one alcoholic to another." He looks quite surprised.

AJ's office. They're all watching the USO show that Harriet's worked so hard to put together. Varese is singing. Jen arranged for the show to be broadcast via live feed. She used AJ's name, though, committing him "to many things, among them a Saturday morning call-in show." He doesn't appear to be too upset with her, though. Huh. Quite a change. If it was Tiner who did that, he'd be furious. Eh. Maybe it's just the season. :-)

Chaplain Turner says to Sturgis, "Don't miss your chance, son." Sturgis replies, "I don't intend to." Yay! Some romance for Sturgis!

Harriet says to Jen, "This is the nicest gift anyone's ever given me." Aw...

And... Harm at the Wall, of course. Hey! Mattie's there!

Mac talked to Mattie's father, and convinced him that he needed to focus on getting better. He agreed to let Harm be Mattie's guardian. And this is where I started bawling.

Mac turns to leave. Harm asks where she's going. She says, "I have a date with Webb." Eeeee!! *dances* Webb/Mac OTP, baby!

Well, that's it for this week. In fact, that's the last new episode this year! See you in January 2004! Next week's episode is a rerun of "All Ye Faithful", last year's Christmas episode. Hmm... I need to call my foster father. He's been wanting to tape that since we finished watching it last year.

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