like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow

JAGfic Rec: Of a Grateful Nation

Fandom: JAG

Title: Of a Grateful Nation

Author: AeroGirl

Rating: PG

Category: Vignette

Pairing: None.

Summary: Harm helps a young man with a personal request at Christmastime, and he and Mattie grow closer.


Story Status: Complete.

Shannon's Thoughts: I have the feeling that any story involving the Harm/Mattie relationship is going to win me over easily. Of course, the fact that it isn't a pairing fic probably helped. :-) AeroGirl (one of three Harm/Mac authors that I will read) has written a gorgeous Christmas fic here. I adore her Mattie--she's mature for her age, but still acts like a normal fourteen-year-old at times. And she actually makes me like Harm. Most authors can't do that. *grin* This fic made me cry. That's one of the highest recommendations I can give.

Final judgment: 10/10.

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