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A "five things" meme on what my various fandoms have taught me. Ganked from cakemage.

1. It's okay to marry a misogynistic jerk, as long as he finally admits to loving you after nine years of dancing around each other.
2. A coin toss is the perfect way to decide who gives up their career.
3. There are three types of woman: the raging bitch, the weepy neurotic, and the broodmare.
4. Bald, authoritative men are really really hot.
5. Oedipus complexes are perfectly healthy.

1. Never date a co-worker.
2. Don't mess with a Marine's coffee if you want to live.
3. Harassment is a great way to welcome the newbie.
4. Spies are always teh ebil. Especially sexy Israeli ones.
5. Oedipus complexes are perfectly healthy.

Harry Potter
1. Everyone is gay.
2. Harry is either a SOOPER POWERFUL wizard with mad skillz, or a weepy whiny emo boi.
3. Snape is evil. Or good. Or possibly a sex god.
4. Beware bearded twinkly smiling wizards.
5. Oedipus complexes are perfectly healthy.

Doctor Who
1. Never say "never ever".
2. Earth really is the center of the universe.
3. If you travel with the Doctor, expect to end up dead/abandoned/sucked into a parallel universe.
4. Do not anger the mother-in-law--especially the slapping kind.
5. Oedipus complexes are perfectly healthy.

Stargate SG-1
1. No matter what happens, the day will be saved with less than ten seconds left to spare.
2. Everyone has a clone somewhere.
3. Sam and Jack fall in love in every universe. Unless Jack ends up with Daniel.
4. Religion will be the downfall of mankind.
5. Electra complexes are perfectly healthy.
Tags: doctor who, harry potter, jag, meme, ncis, stargate

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