like a psychotic rainbow (raindroproses) wrote,
like a psychotic rainbow


I have new books! Okay, so they're used books. Don't you love secondhand bookstores, though? They're so much more interesting than all the Borders and Barnes and Nobles out there.

Anyway. I bought two books. I've been looking for this one book everywhere since I was thirteen. Phule's Company, by Robert Aspirin. I remember reading it and thinking it was hilarious. When I saw it in the sci-fi section (which is tucked away in a corner), I actually squeed. The guy who worked there was restocking, and I'm sure he heard it.

But I don't care! I have two new books!

Also, I bought five books on Amazon last week--the first five books of the Princess Diaries series. Yes, I'm all of fourteen years old at the moment. Come on, though, everyone needs a little fluff reading now and then!

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