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Professors say the darnedest things

Are all professors either stodgy or insane? Is it a requirement to be in academia or something?

Here are some classic quotes from my Music professor.

Regarding Casanova: "You all gave up on Heath Ledger? Come on, don't give up on Heath Ledger."

Regarding church services: "I love this stuff; my wife calls it 'useless parading around,' but I love it."

Regarding rulers commissioning new operas: "Imagine George W. Bush commissioning an opera to be performed at the White House. ...Okay, imagine Bill Clinton commissioning an opera to be performed at the White House."

Regarding the Prince of Cöthen's new harpsichord: "Aren't you fantastic for owning such a magnificent instrument?"

(I'm sorry, but my mind when to BAD AND WRONG places with that last one. Damn you, fandom, for corrupting my mind!)
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