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Man of the Year

So I went to see Man of the Year this afternoon.


The one that stood out for me was for Children of Men. This is:
a) because I remembered reading Reputable Influencer meyerlemon's review of the book,
b) because Alfonso Cuaron is directing it,
and c) because it stars Clive Owen.

There were a few others, of course, but none really made an impression.

As for the movie... it could've been a lot better. It had its moments, but it seemed--

It wasn't BAD. Really. It was just... mediocre.

There were two plotlines: the "Jon Stewart rip-off running for president" plot, and the "computer voter fraud glitch" plot. If they had chosen one or the other, it could have been a great movie. However, they tried to cram too much into the movie, and it came off as really half-assed.

Basically, avoid the highway robbery of movie theaters and wait 'til it comes out on DVD.
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